The importance of motor maintenance


Motor in daily life if not very good maintenance, it will affect our life, to the entire company will influence the operation situation. Once we found the problem, and should be timely solve.Give some proposals to check the motor.The common induction motor are, ys series three-phase asynchronous motor, y, y2 series three phase asynchronous motor.We mainly talk about the common inspection and maintenance of induction motors

1, first is inspection
Motor if there's any loose external fasteners, parts if there is destroyed, the equipment surface if there is oil, corrosion phenomenon; The contact point of the motor and whether there is a connection to the change, burn mark and smoke mark wait for a phenomenon. These phenomena occur is caused by motor overheating, conductor local poor contact or winding burned, etc.; Instrument instructions are normal.No instructions or not normal voltmeter, and indicates that the power supply voltage unbalanced, weld wire cut, burn rotor three-phase resistor imbalance, single phase operation, the conductor contact undesirable, etc.

2, the bar can be heard by ear auscultate the of all kinds of motor noise

Including electromagnetic noise, ventilation noise, mechanical friction sound, bearing noise and so on, which can tell the failure causes of motor.

3 by smell, taste, smell can be found coke

This phenomenon is a result: motor overheating, winding burned and single phase operation, winding fault, bearing fault, etc.

4 by touch, with the hand cabinet surface can be found that the motor temperature is too high and vibration phenomenon

Cause the cause of the vibration is: mechanical load balance, not the fastening parts are loose phenomenon, motor basis insufficient strength, shaft coupling, the air gap or improper uneven mixed sundry, voltage unbalance, single phase operation, winding fault, bearing fault, etc

In the daily inspection, the main check lubrication system, appearance, temperature, noise, vibration and the anomalous phenomenon, also check ventilation cooling system, sliding friction state and tighten all parts, do the inspection records.

Monthly or regular inspection of the main switch, wiring, grounding devices if there's any loose phenomenon, have without damage, such as a plan to put forward and repair measures, check up dust situation, should promptly swept, check the wiring and lead wire for any damage and aging problem. Testing the motor winding insulation resistance and record

In short, motor maintenance is very important, hope every company don't ignore.

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